My introduction to Comics

I was first introduced to comics when I was as a young girl looking through my dad’s big box of comics. He had a lot of super hero comics, some darker ones like Tales from the Crypt, but also some really fun ones for kids like Captain Carrot. I enjoyed reading them and I loved looking at the art. I was particularly fascinated by the female characters. Unfortunately there were so few, and they never seemed to play very large roles in the super hero tales that I was reading.

Heavy Metal – Part I

One fateful day I was looking where I shouldn’t and I stumbled on my dad’s collection of Heavy Metal Magazines. I opened my first issue and from there I was hooked. In these stories the women were often the heroes. I realize now they were the classic/cliché sexy swords-woman, but they weren’t fragile side-characters either. These women were sexy and they were also powerful. I was coming into my own sexual awakening at that age, so their sexuality spoke to me. They were different than anything I had seen before.

Dirty Mags and Sexy Comics

It was also around that time I discovered my dad’s stash of “girly” magazines. (This is also the first of many points in my life where I started to question my sexuality.) I enjoyed looking at the photos of women in playboy, but what I really preferred was the sexy comics. I found that often the cartoons were more tantalizing then the real life women. They were fun but also really exciting to me, and best of all, I could draw my own.

Heavy Metal – Part II

When I was a bit older (but probably not old enough) my father let me watch the Heavy Metal Movie for the first time. Maybe he didn’t realize that it wasn’t really meant for kids (he habitually let me and my sister watch a lot of horror movies we were far too young to see). I watched the Heavy Metal film over and over. My favorite story was the final animation with Taarna. She was quiet, like me, she had an animal companion (which I always wanted), she was tough as nails (not me at all, but my secret dream) and she was smoking hot (also not me, but another secret dream at the time). In the end she scarified herself to save her world, she was everything I wanted in a hero and more.

Drawing Sexy Girls

I spent years and years drawing sexy female characters. I never considered drawing these sexy characters as objectifying women. My characters were never dumb, doe-eyed victims. They were sexy, that’s for sure, but they were also strong and embraced their sexuality for themselves.

I matured as an artist and found people who liked what I was drawing, but others… not so much. I was studying animation when I started to experience the backlash. I was told that drawing sexy girls was too cliché, sexist, simple and not smart enough. A lot of people still liked my work, but the few negative voices stood out and I allowed them to push drawing strong sensual women out of my mind.

I spent a great deal of time trying to find my place as an artist and through it all erotic art kept coming back to the forefront. Many years have passed since I graduated from animation school, and I’ve worked on many different projects since then. But very few of them included sexy women. In a way the criticism I received in school was positive because it forced me to grow more versatile as an artist. I have since then learned how to create all kinds of interesting characters with a rich variety of different backgrounds, cultures and personalities. I’m really happy with my style, and my sexy characters are simply bursting out of my pencil wanting to be shared.

My Art Today

Cute Kink is inspired by my love of comics, strong women and erotica. My overall goal is to recreate that fun and inspiring feeling I experienced while looking at erotica when I was just starting to explore my sexuality. This is a place where I can create those sexy Heavy Metal worlds only this time the stories will have women in mind as the audience, not just as the characters.