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Rubenesque Reindeer Girl

December 27, 2018

Candy Cane Reindeer Girl

December 26, 2018

Pink Demon

September 25, 2017

Purple Demon

September 25, 2017

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Cultural Appropriation Free Zone

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This is a kink site (obviously) and I'm all about sexual fantasies. BDSM, Role Play and Sexual Power Dynamics are all fun themes you'll definitely find here. But what won't…

Why I Draw Cellulite

| Art, Blog, Body Image, Feminism, Process | One Comment
I draw cellulite. Why you may be asking? Because cellulite is sexy and I draw porn. Yes, you read that correctly, cellulite is sexy.Now the very nature of cartooning means…

Working in a Series

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Many artists work in a series, and I'm no exception. One of my art teachers in University had some interesting thoughts on the topic. She said: When Artists work in…

Andrea Rosu – Women Crush Wednesday

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I'm so obsessed with the beautiful Andrea Rosu. She is an erotic model and artist. She makes amazingly sexy videos and you should all go buy some! Find her links…

Denver Max – Women Crush Wednesday

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Meet the adorable Denver Max! She's an Alt-Model, Hula-Hoop performer and cam girl. Check our links at the bottom of this post for some very sexy cosply and hula hoop…

Galda Louise – Women Crush Wednesday

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Today I'm bringing a drawing of the lovely Galda Louise, or Galda lou if you prefer. She is a Suicide girl and erotic model. If you already follow her on…

It all started when I found my dad’s stash of Heavy Metal Magazines. I’d always loved comics, but I could never find enough awesome females in the super hero comics I read. When I opened up my first Heavy Metal Mag, that all changed. I fell in love with the sexy, powerful women inside. …(keep reading)