It all started when I found my dad’s stash of Heavy Metal Magazines.

I’d always loved comics, but I could never find enough awesome females in the super hero comics I read. When I opened up my first Heavy Metal Mag, that all changed. I fell in love with the sexy, powerful women inside. Sure they were the classic “sexy swords-woman”, but they weren’t fragile either.

It’s around this time I also found my dad’s stash of girly mags (and it was also around this time I started to question my sexuality). I enjoyed looking at the photos in these mags, but what I really preferred were the sexy comics. I found that the cartoons were more tantalizing then the real life women. They were fun and turned me on. But best of all, I could draw my own.

As I grew up I became more and more concerned about the depiction of women in erotica. I loved erotica, but I was sick of seeing one dimensional characters with one body type over and over again. I wanted to see women who were leading their own stories, enjoying themselves and who didn’t fit into one specific ideal body type.

I spent a lot of time trying to find my place as an artist, but erotic art kept coming back to the forefront That`s why I created Cute Kink. I have always wanted to create fun sexy comics that other kinky girls like me could enjoy. Comics where women are the main characters, and their pleasure is featured front and center.

This is my place to share all the kinky, dirty, sexy and fun comics made for kinky, dirty,
sexy and fun girls.

jaymie portrait