Digital Commissions Open!

Commissions are for personal use and enjoyment.

They are not to be used for products, flyers, logos or to be resold in anyway.


Single Character Full Color Shaded: 150$ USD

Single Flat Colors: 100$ USD

Two Characters Full Color Shaded: 250$ USD

Booty Commission Full Color: 40$ USD

Payment accepted through Paypal which accepts all major credit cards.

I am an erotic artist, so this can be a very sexy commission. I am a very open minded and non-judgmental.

Some themes you may be interested are:

  • Bondage (ropes, leather restraints etc)
  • Role-playing / Costumes
  • Latex
  • Characters with diverse body types and cultural backgrounds
  • Characters with disabilities
  • Portrait of you or your lover
  • Mistress Portrait
  • Slave Portrait


Because I use sketches and process photos to promote myself on social media, I will share sketches and low resolution images of your commission publicly. This helps me garner more fans of my work, and hopefully more sales, which allows me to do what I love for a living. However, if you have a special kink you’d like kept private, simply make it clear when ordering your commission. I will 100% guarantee your privacy if requested.

If you do not make a special request, please assume I will be sharing sketches of your commission publicly.

What I will not draw:

Although I am an open minded person, there are several things I will not draw. Those are:

  • Children or Child Pornography (age play or adults dressed in younger costumes like school girl outfits is acceptable)
  • Bestiality or sex with animals (furries/ anthropomorphic characters or girls in animal costumes are acceptable)
  • Snuff (no killing of my girls!)
  • Mutilation or dismemberment

Although this is not an extensive list, I reserve the right to refuse any commission either because of subject matter or because I do not feel I am able to represent the imagery requested.

If you are unsure about something it’s okay to ask. I am very discrete about commissions I reject.

What you will get:

You will get one Digital Illustration in a .jpg or .png file of the One or Two Characters, in the pose or situation you have requested.

*Please remember, this is a commission for a cartoon illustration, not a true to life portrait commission. Any additional elements in the commission (furniture , vehicles, background elements etc), will incur additional costs and would need to be discussed.


Once I approve the commission request I will send you an invoice for $75USD non-refundable deposit paid through PayPal in order to begin the sketching process. When the sketch is complete I will email you a low resolution jpg for your review and approval. If you require any changes at this point, I will make them. Once you approve the sketch I will require the remaining balance to be paid, I will then move onto the inking and coloring stage. I will send you another low res jpg for review. At this point, small changes can be made but any large changes which deviate greatly from the initial approved sketch may incur additional charges.

Once you are happy with your commission I will send you a high resolution png or jpg for your personal use and enjoyment! I’ll also sign and mail your print if you purchased one.

How to request a commission:

Fill out the commission request form with details about what you would like. I have done my best to make a form that guides you through the process. When I have received the form I will contact you to let you know if I approve your idea. (I would not move forward if it touched on any of the subjects in the Discretion section.)

To request a commission below!

Digital Commission Form

When you send this form the commission will not immediately start. I will contact you to review your commission details, perhaps ask for more details and then send you an invoice for a $75USD non-refundable down payment.

Submitting this form does not guarantee a commission. Commissions maybe be rejected at the artist’s discretion.  By submitting this form you agree to these terms.