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Jaymie Delight

Ottawa Art Show Wrap-up

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If you are just tuning in I was in a group erotic show at Venus Envy which is an awesome local sex shop here in Ottawa. The show was up all of January but is now coming to an end. The Vernisage was a blast. Along with the amazing art there was great music, food, drinks and tons of nice people.

I wanted to share some of my insights and challenges as an artist after finishing up my first erotic art show. Read More

Five Favorite Female Erotic Artists

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After writing my last post I realized my influences are mostly made up of male artists. A big part of this is because those were the people who were making erotic art when I was growing up. As I’ve grown and discovered more artists, I’ve fallen head over heels for female artists. Luckily for me there are more and more women creating erotic art, each with their own styles and stories. Today I want to share with you five of my favorite female erotic artists. Read More

Why Don’t Women Watch Porn?

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Even with all the sex positive, alternative porn out there, men are still consuming porn at much higher rates than women. If this Danish Study is anything to go by, men are still the largest porn users.  According to the PornHub.com 2015 annual report, the amount of female visitors is only 24% of their traffic. Although that number is up 1% from last year.

So women do watch porn, but at nowhere near the rates that men do. What’s up, ladies? Read More